Road to Saudi Arabia: The EWC!

por | Ago 2, 2021

For the second time in our history, we were selected to represent Chile in the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC), which will be held in November in Saudi Arabia.

This confirms  we are taking the right path, all the effort of our trackers has been 100% worth it. The idea and purpose that we have is becoming more and more relevant. We will represent it courageously. 

It’s impossible not to remember the moments lived in our past experience at EWC 2019. We have evolved throughout the years as a project and company that’s now much better prepared than in the previous time.

Here is a testimony of that journey in 2019, from the voice of our CEO, Nicholas Iakl:

“It’s been two years since I was in Saudi Arabia for the first time at the Entrepreneurship World Cup and I had a blast. It was an amazing experience from every point of view.

On one hand, I could see what life is like in the desert, where all house doors are open as a symbol of solidarity, in case a thirsty traveller passes by, he feels invited to come in. Where coffee is a luxury due to the scarcity of water, so when the neighbours hear the clinking of the metal «sticks» with which they stir it, they come to pour themselves a cup and share a pleasant moment with something that we -Westerners- take absolutely for granted. 

On the other hand, I met very interesting people. Many entrepreneurs. Some were even from the competitive area of ​​southern California -Silicon Valley, cradle of unicorns, startups and great worldwide leaders-.

In fact, I remember an amazing project called Red Sea Farms. They made possible to grow tomatoes with salt water, powered by solar panels in a completely self-sustaining way. I would never have imagined it was possible. 

It was fascinating. I have many friends that I still keep to this day, such as Mateo Folador, founder of Talentu Company, with whom I was lucky enough to do a podcast when he came to Chile. Nice memories. You can listen to the podcast here:

A couple of days ago, we were selected as one of the two representatives from Chile for the 2021 edition of the Entrepreneurship World Cup, which is being hosted locally by CORFO, and which is led internationally by Jeff Hoffman, from Global Entrepreneurship Network, the Misk Foundation, and The Global Education & Leadership Foundation

I feel very happy, these are the moments of pure joy where you can take a pause and enjoy. I’m lucky to be able to share it with the Yu-track team. Congratulations to Aintech for this achievement, I am looking forward to learning more about your project.

We still have the final test on the other side of the Atlantic. Winning would be a nice recognition that would help us work with more companies, positively impacting our dream of revolutionizing the world of collections and entrepreneurship. I’m happy for the team regardless of the final result. I feel it’s a tremendous incentive, also away to reinforce the idea of being on the right track and moving forward.”

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