KBI’s: The new breed of analytics

por | Sep 22, 2020

Thanks to the power of technology, big data and data science, a new breed of analytics is making its way into companies 2.0, these are the KBI (Key Behaviour Indicators) more and more, we see how companies push their limits, implementing behavioural intelligence for decision making. 

In the past, attention was focused on trends and ratios. We dedicated ourselves essentially to monitoring the business. The problem is that when we tried to understand the causes of the rises or falls, the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) fell short and weren’t capable to answer the most essential question: What happened?

KBI allow us to visualize a sequence of events and therefore understand the before and after, it’s about observing and positioning the elements in context instead of just visualizing them, it’s the only way to explore the path and analyse the causes and of this to prevent negative consequences. 

Digital Marketing and Technology departments are capable of generating analytics – use, clicks, behaviour, etc-. 

How do we apply it in sales or collection? At Yu-Track we’re transforming sales and collection teams with our app, which improves productivity and generates behavioural analytics. Discover how you could start generating KBI’s in your company, from $32usd/month per user, regardless of size of your business.


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