We joined the Start-up Chile Growth Program!

por | Ago 1, 2021

Julio brought some good news. It wasn’t only the expansion of our staff, which commits us to pursue more ambitious goals, but also the fact that we were also accepted into the Start-Up Chile Growth Program, in which we will have their financial support and mentorship.

We had applied several times since our beginnings, back in 2017, and at that time we weren’t prepared to enter one of the most important incubation and acceleration programs in Latin America.

Sometimes things work out on the first try. If not, you have to try a second, third and as many times as necessary until you get your green light. Along the way, we’ve learned how to listen, adapt and improve.

This phrase from Epictetus makes a lot of sense to us because it represents the humility that’s required for this journey: «It’s impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.»

We currently have a huge challenge ahead of us. As part of the 2021 generation of this program, we will seek to scale sales and expand, having Chile as a platform. We’re a Scale-Up company opening our way to other markets.

For this, we will have a 75 million pesos funding and a dedicated mentoring in a 12-month program, which has already happened to a Chilean unicorn, as is the case of NotCo, also to startups from more than 85 countries.

We’ll share dreams and learnings with the other selected companies: QuePlan.cl, Datamart, The Live Green Co, Scriptation, Genomawork, GoBots, SPOT, Yapp Chile, Kilimo, Filadd, Espacios Digitales IoT, Contable, Wheel the World, TransaTuAuto, myHotel, Key2enablelatam y Jelou Latam

This August we will formally begin the instruction and management of Start-Up Chile, aiming to become a better version of ourselves. We’re not the same as four years ago. We’ve turned each failure into learning, we have strengthened our structure. We set ourselves an ambitious goal: revolutionizing collection. 

This is only the beginning of what we have in mind. We’ll make the best out of this experience.

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