How do we use empathy to take care of our clients’ health?

por | Ago 30, 2021

A global study by Qualtrics found that 42% of people experienced a decline in their mental health during the pandemic. Things get worse if we take into account that 57% have an anxiety increase, 53% said they were sad. There are concentration problems (28%), and people currently take longer to complete tasks (20%) along with troubles thinking and concentrating (15%).

What can be done? Where’s all this taking us to? The answer is empathy. Being empathic with the one next to you. With our customers, with our partners, with our employees. Empathy has always been in our relationships, but today it takes on greater meaning due to the reality in which we live.

With the experience we developed with Yu-Track, we realized that empathy was not a very present element in collections. This matter always brought negative consequences for both parties, both for the client and the organizations. And so Sumeria was born, as our response to the lack of humanization in collection strategies.

Our proposal

Sumeria was the first civilization, it also was a pioneer in cuneiform language and establishing human relationships through symbols and signs. We got inspired on the human side that makes us different from other species, which is being able to communicate.

We became the trusted bridge to help organizations improve the well-being and health of customers.

Through Sumeria, we carry out emotional and psychometric analysis to generate business strategies which are more efficient and caring for the well-being and health of clients. Unlike other analytics companies, we take this side of the story to foster a customer-centric mindset in companies.

A client isn’t just a number or a conglomerate. It’s a human being with emotions, reality and context. We certainly take all these variables into account when offering diagnosis and treatments based on the person.

This is how they see us 

La Tercera gave us an outstanding space to present our ideas, in an interview that summed up our vision very well and outlined the path we are aiming to follow. They described us as “Collections with a more human face”, and how right that headline is. That’s what we are looking for.

We leave you with this question so that you can comment on it: Does it work to be empathic with your clients? In Sumeria we are convinced that it is.

Image by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.

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