From Yu-Track to Sumeria: We’re aiming higher

por | Ago 5, 2021

At one point during 2020, we asked ourselves where we should go. Yu-Track was our stronghold since 2017, but its market became finite for us. We were targeting a much broader target that needed a focus we didn’t have. And so began the draft that we built with a lot of effort and, above all, ambition: Sumeria.

But what is Sumeria? If it sounds familiar to you, it’s because it is considered the first civilization in the world. But for us, what is Sumeria? It’s our solution to help organizations connect with their customers in a human, empathetic and compassionate way, taking care of their mental health and well-being.

For this purpose, we are building a new Emotional Scoring model (SaaS) to radically improve the customer experience through a data processing platform that considers psychometric, emotional and circumstantial variables. This, combined with Artificial Intelligence, will show companies how to act at each stage of the debtor’s journey.

Based on our collection experience with Yu-Track -four years impacting the lives of more than three million people- we noticed that there was a gap in terms of the approximation of companies with their clients. Currently, only the correlation of traditional data such as payment behaviour, credit history, assets/liabilities and equity are taken into account. We add users’ mental health into the rating formula.

How do we do it? Using psychometry and emotional variables to offer personalized treatments. We take care of our clients’ relationship with their public by being more empathic with them when it comes to addressing business strategies.

Our current goal is to be a reference in Latin America and the world in the use of emotional scores to improve the financial health of millions of people.

Yu-Track, as you know it, will continue to exist. It’s an established bet that now becomes a Sumeria product, joining the Emotional Scoring that we developed.

And what comes next? Keep growing, innovating and, always, dreaming. This is just beginning, the sky is the limit.

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