We are Sumeria

We are an emotion analytics company who cares for the human side of customers by delivering personalized debt collection strategies to improve their mental health and well-being.

We’re just getting started


Founding of Yu-Track

  • Sumeria’s first steps date back to when Yu-Track was founded in 2016 by brothers Glen and Nicholas Iakl.
  • It was born as a safety tracking app for children and seniors.
  • Shortly after, they discovered that the same technology is extensively used in commercial teams at companies. Therefore, they generated their first spin-off in the Yu-Track Enterprise Beta version.


    Big game

    • Yu-Track was recognized as finalist in the “Everis Award” and travelled to Silicon Valley. It raised its first seed capital from CORFO, followed by the first round of angel funders.
    • The challenge grew into expanding opportunities, which allowed us to integrate the first co-founder, Domingo Roa.


    Growth stage

    • We sealed the deal with our first major client -the second-largest retailer in the region- and entered the world of collections. This doubled the team and we consolidated Yu-Track as a behavioural analysis tool for sales and collection teams in the field.
    • We participated in various acceleration processes, such as Paralell 18 in Puerto Rico, and FinnoSumit in Mexico.


    Aiming higher

    • One of the 20 largest banks in the world joined us as a client.
    • Yu-Track was a finalist in the Entrepreneurship World Cup in Saudi Arabia, re-discovering its purpose.
    • Yu-Track turned its entire value proposition towards the world of risk and collections.


    Solid steps

    • The company’s vision became more ambitious and proposed becoming the bridge of trust between companies and their clients, with human and empathetic solutions to financial problems.
    • It opened doors to the Peruvian and Mexican markets.
    • Sumeria participated in the MassChallenge acceleration process.


    Sumeria is born

    • After all the learning, Sumeria was born as a Yu-Track’s parent company and support for all the solutions that will be integrated to improve people’s lives.
    • The Emotional Debt-Collection Index was created as a scoring system that considers psychometric and emotional variables to offer personalized treatment solutions.
    • Sumeria joined the Start-Up Chile growth program, the largest entrepreneurial accelerator in Latin America.


    Impacting the lives of millions of humans

    We will pursue our work by keep humanizing processes and caring for people’s mental health and well-being.

    Are you ready to humanize your strategies?

    We give you your customer’s perspective and different solutions to address it.